Performance Artist – Antonio Manuel

Antonio Manuel

Brazillian Artist- Performance Art, Visual Art

Antonio Manuel (n. 1947), who was born in Portugal and moved to Brazil as a child, became a noted artist within the Brazilian arts scene toward the end of the 1960s through work that was strongly participatory, politicized and in some measure (for the repressive military dictatorship of the time) “subversive,” in particular his work “flanes” [which were plastic irons that would leave an imprint on newspapers, which he would also intersperse with images and text), as well as such proposals as Eis o saldo. In 1970 the artist proposed his nude body as a work of art at the Salão Nacional do MAM-RJ (Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro). When his proposal was rejected, he undressed himself while among the other spectators on the day of the opening at the MAM-RJ. During that decade he also produced a series of films.

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