Performance Art and Migration

Action Art / Live Art / Performance Art artists and resources dealing with migration, immigration, emigration, border and nomatic issues.

The issue of borders, migration and the immigration is already a crisis around the world. Wars, dictators, ethnic cleansing / racism are examples of greed and fear with an intense concentration on border. In the US fictional “culture wars” are being invented to fan hatred and a sense of other. Climate change forces us to question borders as a construct – how these imaginary lines dictate who eats and who doesn’t. Artists around the world are questioning borders, exploring nomadic culture, uprising against colonial powers who have taken resources and exploited labor only to disappear and close off when issues appear. Borders are a control mechanism, both internal and external which affect us all.

Performance Art – migrations, borders, immigration, nomadic living, and exile
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Not all of these resources are specific to the topic at hand, but most are part of the tapestry of place and migration that make up these issues.

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