Performance Art Festivals

Action Art / Live Art / Performance Art Festivals.

Where to look for Festival opportunities around the globe, whether you are a performance artist or want to see more performance art works as a participant.

Performance Art Festivals and Presenters:



Central America /Caribbean


Middle East

North America


  • Adelaide Festival (Australia) bi-annual festival
  • Adelaide Fringe Festival (Australia)
  • Exist (Australia) -a set of Live Art explorations, collaborations, installations, performances and forums held at three sites across Queensland
  • Live Art Asia Festival (Australia) A survey of contemporary live art practice from the region.
  • Papilla: It’s a matter of taste – (New Zealand) The festival is a platform for research-based works exploring the material, conceptual, sensorial, and experiential aspects of taste, as well as its social-aesthetic extensions. Live performances and other creative responses are compiling this three-day event that seeks to celebrate multi-dimensional aspects of papillae. 
  • PAWA Performance Art Platform in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

South America



Major venues for experimental art, emphasizing live and performance art.

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