Performance Art in Bolivia

Action art in Bolivia.

When we first began to talk, Alejandra Del Carpio (Ale) told me that Bolivia was the abandoned country for the performing arts in Latin America – a sentiment that I would hear echoed when I spoke to Paulina and Tika from Germinal. Far from meaning that there is no performance or live art in the country, it points to the fact that there are no institutions that support even the more traditional disciplines like dance, theatre, or even cinema. In Bolivia, there are no university degrees in any of these areas (in either public or private settings) and so for many, to be an artist means to leave the country to obtain a degree elsewhere, seriously limiting who gets access to this information and is allowed to call themselves a performer, deepening already wide economic gaps within the arts ecology.” ( Anahí Saravia Herrera’s Interview with Alejandra Del Carpio)

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