Performance Artist – Amalia Ulman

Amalia Ulman

Argentinia Artist- Performance Art, Online Art, Body Art, Scupture

In 2014, Argentinian-born Spanish artist and CSM graduate, Amalia Ulman, who is currently based in LA, gained recognition in the art world for her 4 month durational performance piece Excellences & Perfections, in which she performed the jetset rise and demise of a young LA woman via her personal Instagram account. Her piece intended to provoke its viewer’s behaviour towards what we see online, assessing the tension between fact and fabrication, in particular the way women are viewed online and the promulgation of one’s lifestyle via social media. Ulman continues to explore themes central to the notions of beauty and the obscenities of contemporary marketing in her latest work, International House of Cozy which premiered at MaMa Rotterdam.

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