Performance Art in Equitorial Guinea

Live art in Guinea Ecuatorial.

Officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: Guinea Ecuatorial; French: Guinée équatoriale; Portuguese: Guiné Equatorial), this small country located in Central Africa, formerly called Rio Muni, became independent from Spain in 1968. It has two parts: an insular and a mainland region. The former is made up of islands, principally Bioko, Annobón, Corisco; the continental section is situated between Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south. The country’s population is mostly ethnic Fang.

One of the oldest and most impressive uses of the puppet in Equatorial Guinea is connected to ancestor worship. Called “Byeri” (or “Bieri”), the statues used in this ritual, usually motionless, are, on certain occasions, manipulated as puppets.

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