Performance Artist – Karla Solano

Karla Solano

Costa Rican Artist- Performance Art, Installation Art, Body Art, Public Art

Karla Solano’s work is a continuous reflection on corporeality, her own and has developed a kind of portraitism from the representation of herself, which reveals and shows the successive layers of human nature, at first starting from a nude that materially enters the physiological systems that support the body. However, it is the narration of her body, its changing materiality and the subtle allusion to the traces of time and memory, which has remained the thematic knot in her work. The starting point of it is not, however, from the place of the pain of the female body, as has been the experience in the work of many women artists, from the testimonial. Nor does her body function as an argument for a politically correct approach within feminism, but rather relates in some way the full experience of her own feminine corporality, in which the skin and its folds, the irregularities of the face and extremities, the hair, each part of it acts at once as surface, support, and subject. Virtually “exposing” herself in a society that rejects nudity as natural, Karla Solano has concentrated on the detailed examination of her body as a subject of analysis and as a reflection of the passage of time. The photographed image of her body, whole or fragmented, unaltered or subject to formal manipulation, transcends mere representation to become a central theme in which her own identity disappears. For the artist, her nudity is liberating and necessary. Since 1996, “Interior Mirror” was made up of three methacrylates placed in sequence, in the center placing an impression of his full-body nude, between a plate of the circulatory system and another of the muscles of the human body. (Virginia Pérez Ratón)

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