Performance Artist – Lovisa Johansson

Lovisa Johansson

Swedish Artist- Performance Art, Interdisciplinary Art, Sound Art, Installation Art

I am an interdisciplinary artist combining performance, sound art, video and stage design in new ways. My main focus is performance art.

WOL performanceduo.The artist Wenche Tankred and I have created a performance team called WOL.  Our idea is to go for a freedom that enlarges norms and somehow  turns the world   upside down. We use the simple and  low instead of the refined and elevated. With humour as a means we take  sides for the small people in the society and the imperfect and childish within all of us. WOL tries frantically to do the right thing but always fails. The following Fluxux quotation  could be seen as a description also of  the work of WOL: : “Fluxus …is the fusion of Spike Jones, Vaudeville, gag, children´s games and Duchamp” (Maciunas Fluxus manifesto, Klintberg, 2006) (artist page)

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