Performance Art in Germany


Artist and Performance Art Group Names

Organizations, literature, and other resources

  • Performer Stammtisch – Performer Stammtisch was founded by Jörn J. Burmester in 2003 in order to connect the Berlin performance art scene, to keep each other updated on what we were working on, and to help one another out with opportunities.
  • APAB e.V. (Association for performance art in Berlin)
  • Sammlung Maria de Robe – performance archives -The Maria de Robe Collection is a long-term project, initiated by Joël Verwimp, in order to develop a unique partnership with as many different museums as possible – from the Asian to the Fire Brigade Museum. On the one hand, a special connection between the institute (museum collection) and the audience (eyewitness) is to be created from the perspective of performance art. On the other hand, the collection of performance art beyond documentation procedures is put into practice. The ephemeral quality of performance art is therefore not understood here as immaterial, but the performative, common experience (publicness) is captured as materiality: Collecting life’s unknowns.
  • transitstation – transitstation is an ongoing international exhibition-as-live-art event featuring performance art, music, experimental electronica, physical theatre, poetry, video, mixed-media projection, installation, interactive performance, fashion, lectures, workshops and interviews.

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