Performance Artist – Sandra Jogeva

Sandra Jogeva

Estonian Artist- Performance Art, Sculpture, Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, Writer, Curator

Sandra Jogeva – Estonia – is an artist whose work knows no limits, and the manner in which she has really pushed her work to the very edge of customary perceptions of art is truly impressive. For example, from 2005-2006, she worked as a dominatrix, partly to earn money and partly to get material for her art. I can’t think of many other artists who have gone so far into a world outside of the artistic for the sake of their art. More recently, she has been doing stand-up performances, creating confessional comedy routines as part of her artistic oeuvre.

She has been running the independent art space Art Container in Culture Factory Polymer together with Tanel Saar and Erik Alalooga since April 2007. She is a founding member of artist groups Avangard (2000-2006) and Pink Punk (2003-2007). Sandra Jogeva has performed and exhibited in USA, New Zealand and many European countries.

She has been recently working in the fields of sculpture and installation, creating the headless bodies of large women made out of gelatine and other objects made of silicone, latex and caramel, experimenting with different nontraditional materials. Her art has been associated with gender issues and she has used her real life experience as a dominatrix in her art works.

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