Performance Art in Croatia


thanks to the openness of Yugoslavia which enabled a flow of information and ideas on an international level, modernism in visual arts was flourishing in the 1950s and 1960s. Exat 51, Gorgona Group, and later on, Group of Six Artists as well as New Tendencies manifestation (1961-1973, early performances by Tom Gotovac) showed that Croatian conceptual art and performance art, geometric abstraction, kinetic art, first computer graphics were relevant and in
time with avant-garde movements in the
Western world. (more here)

Artist and Performance Art Groups



Artists and Groups not yet researched

  • Labinski Atelieri
  • Marko Ciciliani
  • Vlasta Delimar
  • Gorgona Group
  • Tom Gotovac
  • Group of Six Artists
  • Sanja Iveković
  • Tjaša Kalkan
  • Orlando Mohorovic
  • Slaven Tolj

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