Performance Art in Bulgaria

Action art in Bulgaria.

‘My research into performance art in Bulgaria revealed that there is a rich and dynamic contemporary art scene, and one can trace performance practices there to the decade of the 1980s. This was quite a dynamic period, as performance and conceptual art practices were just in their inception, as the scene was beginning to develop, and artists were experimenting with a range of approaches. What is particularly fascinating about the manner in which this tradition developed in Bulgaria is that its origins are dispersed throughout the country, rather than solely beginning in the capital.’ – Amy Bryzgel

Artist and Performance Art Groups



Artists and Groups not researched yet

  • The City Group
  • Cuckovden Group
  • Ivo Dimchev
  • Orlin Dvorianov
  • The Edge Group
  • Dimitar Grozdanov
  • Lyuben Kostov
  • Albena Mihaylova
  • Ivan Moudov
  • Adelina Popnedelva
  • Rab (Edge) Group
  • Georgi Todorov
  • Ventsislav Zankov

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