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‘The word Roma is increasingly used as a generic description, including by Amnesty International and the United Nations. But we acknowledge that Gypsy, Roma, Romani, and Traveller people have diverse origins, that they have the right to self-identify, and to have their chosen designation respected.

Not to be confused with Romanians (people from the country Romania), Sinti, Gitano, Cygan, Romanes, Romanichal, Nachins, Minceir, and Kale are just a few of the groups (or tribes) found within this community. The Roma have been in Europe for over 600 years and can be settled or nomadic. Often called a nation without a homeland, genetic research and linguistic evidence seems to indicate a medieval Indian origin for the early Roma. The spoken languages are believed to have Sanskrit origins.’ (

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  • Delaine and Damian Bas
  • Mihaela Drăgan
  • Robert Gabris
  • Sead Kazanahiv
  • Roland Korponovics
  • Kiba Lumberg
  • Malqorzata Mirga-Tas
  • Elimia Rigova
  • Alfred Ullrich
  • Miguel Ángel Vargas

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