Performance Art in Vietnam

man in green plants and no shirts on a table where someone is working on a computer. Green pants man is staring at them with ares akimbo.

Action art / Live art in Vietnam.

Performance art first took off in Vietnam in the mid-’90s. Tran Luong began his artistic career as an abstract painter, a member of the renowned Gang of Five, a group of young artists who rose to pre-eminence after the Communist government finally opened up in 1986. But he fell out with his peers, whose increasingly commercial works disillusioned him, and switched to conceptual performance art in the mid-1990s. Often acting as a mentor to younger artists, he is now considered one of the fathers of performance art in Hanoi, along with Truong Tan and Dao Anh Khanh.

Artist and Performance Art Groups
  • Artists
  • Dao Anh Khanh
  • Dinh Anh Quân
  • Lai Thi Dieu Ha
  • Nguyen An Huy
  • Dinh Q. Lê
  • Lai Dieu Ha
  • Hoang Duc Minh
  • Josef Ng
  • Lê Vu
  • Ngo Thanh Bac
  • Nguyen Song
  • Nguyen Duong Hai Dang
  • Nguyen Mfnh Duc
  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai
  • Nguyên Quang Huy
  • Nguyen Van Tien
  • Trần Anh Quân
  • Tran Luong
  • Truong Tan
  • Loo Zihan
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