Performance Art in Mongolia


Performance artists in Mongolia are working with traditional arts, nomatic living, land use, and much more. A newly supported scene is emerging.

Nestled between the industrial powerhouses of Russia and China, Mongolia is expected to grow economically as it feeds its mineral riches to its two hungry giant neighbors. However, contemporary Mongolian art has yet to be considered a natural resource at home, and the small art community, centered in the capital Ulaanbaatar, receives varying degrees of support from governmental, corporate and private sources.

Performance art in Mongolia is tied to the traditional ways and ties to environment…Horizons are at the core of the Mongolian nomadic view. If the horizon moves, so does the nomad. In the vastness of Mongolian nature, the horizon spiritually and practically marks the main geographical reference of ordinary life, turning the gaze into the far distance to the only constant. This horizontal relationship with nature underlines a deep connection to nature.

Artist and Performance Art Groups



Artists and Groups not researched yet

  • Dulguun Baatarsukh
  • Ts Bilguun
  • Blue Sun Contemporary Art Center
  • Jantsankholol Erdenebayer
  • L. Ganbold
  • Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav
  • B. Mandukhai
  • Nomad Wave
  • Ganzug Sedbazar
  • Enkhbold Togmidshiirev
  • Ts. Tserenpil
  • Land Art Mongolia

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