Performance Art in Hong Kong

Hong Kong.

Artist and Performance Art Groups
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  • Leung Po-shan Anthony
  • Zheng Bo
  • Mok Chiu-yu
  • Pak Sheung Chuen
  • Lai Chun Ling
  • Lam Chi Fai
  • Bettina Fung
  • Minja Gu
  • Ho Tam
  • Tsang Tak-ping Kith
  • Siu Lan Ko
  • Will Kwan
  • Amy Lam
  • Lynn Liang and Ivan Chan
  • Chan Wai Lap
  • Kwok Mang-ho/Frog King
  • The Originals
  • Pang Jing
  • Project 226
  • Chen Shi-sen/San Mu
  • Ko Siu-lan
  • Angela Su
  • Pak Sheung-Chuen Tozer
  • Ricky Tse
  • Voila
  • Sampson Wong
  • Wen Yau
  • Ricky Yeung
  • Monique Yim
  • Samson Young
  • Yuenjie
  • Sunny Yung

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