Performance Art in Bhutan

Live and Action art in Bhutan.

The country of Bhutan is under siege. On the battlefield is an ancient wisdom culture colliding with “Do You Want To Be a Millionaire”. The kingdom is completely without a performing arts center. There is no hub from which to coordinate, preserve, encourage, display, empower, educate and inspire…

The “Performing Arts Center of Bhutan” to be built in Thimpu, Bhutan’s capital, will be a living institution, playing a key role in preserving Bhutan’s culture by offering a contemporary outlet for performances of traditional music, dance, theater, film, educational programs, and other special events.

Just as the vanishing Hawaiian culture successfully created the Polynesian Cultural Center, a performing arts center in Thimpu Bhutan will unquestionably provide an inspirational force. This center will help to preserve the precious identity of Bhutan before it is lost to the world forever. (Amicus)

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