Performance Artist – Boris Nieslony

Action Art of Boris Nieslony

Denmark – Danish Artist- Performance Art, Durational Art

Boris Nieslony began his performance by observing a row of seven fairly large stones that previously had been installed in a line across a narrow street. He preoceeded to move the stones along the street one by one in different ways. Some were held close to his body, in the crook of his arm, others balanced on his head or on the back of the neck and upper back. Occasionally the sharp sound of a rock crashing on pavement segmented the slow, meditative action. Temporary sculptures occurred: Boris placing a stone on the ground, laying his shaved head on it and, after what seemed like a long time, carefully placing another stone on the side of his head. The resulting small tower remained in place for a few moments, then the top rock dropped to the ground and rolled away, emitting a distinctive sound. Small events like this became meaningful by the utter focus and concentration they were carried out with.

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